Made in Tøyen, Oslo

Local production

It is well known that the textile industry contributes to terrible labour conditions and environmental pollution. By bringing part of our textile production back to Oslo, we strive to challenge that.

Doesn't production in Oslo cost too much?

Well, it definitely costs more than in low-cost countries. We sell our products directly to you without intermediaries. This way we and our seamstresses can keep enough money for things to go 'round. To make this possible, you might have to pay a little more than you're usually used to, but we hope you think it's worth it.


Step 2:

Often times clothing brands don’t use up all the fabric they ordered for a production. These fabrics are then just left behind and thrown away. 

We want to create a system where these fabrics are given a new life and turned into Northern Playground products. Normal production is not rigged for small-scale operations, but the production in Tøyen is perfect for smaller collections, and makes the revival of these fabrics possible.

Needless to say, we apply the same demands to quality, design and functionality as we do with all our other products.

Note: Limited edition! (The products in this project are dependant on the fabrics we find and will vary in color, material and quantity.)

Environmental tax

Step 3:

The last part of the journey is our environmental tax.

For every sale on our webpage we donate a sum of money to the Development Fund Norway. They have deforestation programs in Ethiopia and Somalia, and together we make sure new trees are planted.

That way we create new jobs, stop deforestation and offset the Co2 emissions caused by the production and shipment of our products. The environmental tax regards sales of all our products.

Read more about what we do for the environment here.

So what?

It is difficult to create business models without hurting people and our planet. And honestly, we don’t know if this is the answer.

But we have to try.